Industree Communication Hub alongside Autostrade per l'Italia in its path of innovation: INTRANEXT is born, the new corporate internal communication portal

Thanks to the collaboration between Industree Communication Hub and Autostrade per l'Italia, INTRANEXT is born, the new, more innovative, organized and intuitive corporate internal communication portal

The collaboration between Industree Communication Hub and Autostrade per l'Italia continues. With the aim of increasing people's involvement and participation, facilitating processes and simplifying the search for information, the Group has decided to develop a new internal corporate communication portal: INTRANEXT.

The new intranet, recently launched and aimed at over 8,500 Group employees, is the mirror of the innovative spirit that characterizes the Digital Transformation of Autostrade per l'Italia. The Group has important challenges ahead of it: INTRANEXT is a tool for union and collaboration that is essential for sharing values and objectives.

Advanced user experience, customized interface for each company and immediate access to Group news are just some of the features introduced. Today this more social, participatory and engaging intranet can be within reach of all the people of the ASPI Group, even from mobile phones. The employee who accesses the portal embarks on a real journey, navigating within an advanced and integrated digital space in which he can find useful content, services and applications in a simple, orderly and efficient way.

is one step closer to people and for this reason to the future.

Industree Communication Hub supported ASPI Group in the design of the UI and UX of the new portal, with Industree Change, O-One and Stone Digital units, designing the interface and the graphic layout, planning the user experience during the navigation, improving accessibility, participation and retrieval of useful information within the portal.

All this was possible thanks to the fundamental contribution of Noema STI and Piksel srl who developed and implemented the intranet according to the needs of Autostrade per l'Italia and using Liferay DXP 7.4.

For the UX/UI setting and the development of the graphic theme and the service integration portlets, the Autostrade per l'Italia intranet created follows the best practices indicated by Liferay and makes use of a team made up of Service Managers, Project Managers and SCRUM Masters, AWS Certified Software Architects, Web Designers, and Certified Developers on Liferay DXP.