Zodio lands in Italy

An integrated corporate, media relations, social and digital
for the launch of the French brand

Zodio, brand of French Adeo Group, chose Industree Communication Hub as partner of integrated communication for the launch of the brand in the Italian market. The first store in Rozzano (Milan) has about 3,000 square meters, more than 27,000 references and 40 persons of staff.

Is creativity the real leitmotif that characterizes the philosophy Zodio: a space where to find everything you need for the art of hospitality at home, the living and creative crafting, but also be inspired and discover new ideas.

Industree Communication Hub oversaw the landing of Zodio in Italy thanks to a communication project in the round made possible by the work of strong collaboration between the brand and agency that, during more than a year, has taken care of the various phases planning and organizational.

Main objective of Zodio was to decline to exercise global identity in order to see the birth of an unknown brand of country: explain Zodio was the biggest challenge. Industree Communication Hub analyzed the French model to be able to fall in the Italian translating without betraying.



First of all the "Magalogue". "Magalogue" is an invented word, a little 'magazine (magazine) and a bit' catalog (Catalogue). The whimsical personality of Zodio has infected version of the catalog innovative spirit of Zodio. Industree Communication Hub developed the design and the graphic layout of the "Magalogue" transferring the enthusiasm and passion of the brand even on paper.


By Industree Communication Hub also the creative concept and design of all communication tools Zodio: the company profile to the materials in and out store.

Comprehensive advice that has taken shape through a series of promotional activities and guerrilla marketing that preceded the opening: many ways to tell who is Zodio!


Media relations and digital PR

Industree Communication Hub has developed, at the opening of the store Zodio, also an integrated media relations and digital PR.

The involvement of more than 40 journalists from the field, as well as a blogger in the food sector, diy, design and lifestyle has ensured full coverage of the event on traditional and digital channels.

The digital strategy for the launch of the brand was assigned to O-One, an agency part of Industree Communication Hub, which was responsible for the planning, design and development of all digital touch points and their user experience.

The site www.zodio.it, responsive and designed to be completely usable on the move, has been made with a perfect synchronization between design research on the world of crafting/home decor and design of an interface familiar to fans of creative living.

Integrating Magento developed for the management of online shopping and Wordpress to manage editorial, it is active for online transactions from day of publication (purchase Atelier) and comes prepared to manage a network of sites for future stores.

A signature O-One also the editorial concept and content production for campaigns of social teasing and live storytelling of the opening in Milan, developed on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

The constant planning of Facebook Advertising has ensured excellent visibility of contents (promoted post), also revitalizing the organic growth of the fan base, and the opening of new channels Instagram and Pinterest has strengthened the social presence of the brand with a creative approach to original and he told the opening stages of teasing and celebrating the inspirational values ​​of its brand.

An integrated communication project:

media relations, corporate, social and digital strategy

for the launch of the French brand in Italy