Yamaha Tour

From Etna to the Alps, the traveling event for the motorcycle enthusiasts

Industree Communication Hub is partner of Yamaha Motor Italia in organizing the Demo Tours Yamaha - MT Tour, Destination Yamaha Motor Tour and Niken Tour. The traveling events, which present to bikers the new models of the Japanese company, have stopped in the most evocative places of Italy, with the aim of bringing motorcycle lovers together to test their favorite model on the road.

The agency curated the format of the event and the communication plan in support, with the aim of involving the largest number of interested people who tested the new Hyper Naked, Sport Touring and the revolutionary Niken motorcycles. On each stage of the tour, the participants tested all available models on the road, accompanied by the professional pilots of the Yamaha network. The chosen routes have contributed to making the driving experience of the pilot highly exciting.

Yamaha Tour 2019

The Tour 2019 departed from Palermo on the 16th February, touching more than 60 Italian locations, the most suitable for enhancing the potentials of motorcycles. Here the participants had the opportunity to take a test ride through the most evocative roads of Italy riding the MT, Tracer, Super Ténéré and Niken models, made available by Yamaha with the collaboration of the Official Dealers of the brand who contributed to the realization of the demo ride days. In fact the events saw the involvement of all the actors of the Yamaha world, from the mother house Yamaha Europe, to the official engineers and testers up to the dealers and final customers, with the aim of creating engagement.

The Brand Entertainment division of Industree Communication Hub has supported Yamaha Motor Italia in all the events of the tour, from coordination and logistical organization to CRM.

Yamaha Motor Italia, the world of two wheels on social media

O-One, the digital unit of the agency and the digital partner of Yamaha dealers, oversaw the social strategy of the dealers involved, in order to align the local communication with that of the company. Through a training model and the support offered to dealers, O-One has developed the culture of doing marketing and lead generation on social media with the aim of improving the sales results of the Yamaha Motor Italia network.