Panini Tour

The collectors community takes to the streets

To use a football metaphor, it can be said that Panini and Industree Communication Hub form an attack couple that has scored many goals over the years.
The last in order of time bears the name of Panini Tour.

The Panini Tour is a multilevel project characterized by a significant geographical extension and by a high structural complexity. It has become one of the most anticipated annual events for collectors of stickers, and has strongly consolidated the collaboration started in 2003 between Panini and Industree Communication Hub.

"I have it, I have it, I miss it!"

This is how it sounds the exchange which for decades has been passionate and unites generations of collectors.
Objective: complete the album of stickers!

The Calciatori Album

The Panini Tour represents the heart of the launch of the Album Calciatori: a live product, which stands out from the others by the presence of a life cycle and flows of use that the Tour must know how to interpret, accompany and support.

Panini on the road

Born from the synergy between Panini and Industree Communication Hub, the Panini Tour aims to strengthen the link between the brand and its audience through the creation of opportunities for games, exchanges and meetings between collectors. The itinerant event, entirely created and followed by the agency, crosses Italy from North to South with more than 150 stages, including squares of the main Italian cities, small provincial centers and commercial galleries. In the locations hosting the event the Panini Village is set up: an evocative and fun place where you can experience the 360° experience of the brand that the Tour Panini provides to its public thanks to activities designed to unite collectors of all age.

To share with the fans all the moments of this trip along the Stivale, Industree Communication Hub also takes care of the livetelling of the Tour on social networks, to tell the backstage and the various steps of the event through video-pillol.

The Panini Village designed by Industree Communication Hub is declined in three formats, each with different characteristics and objectives depending on the place that hosts it. Whether it is the square of a large city, a small or a large shopping center, the Tour's seating arrangement evolves in perfect harmony with the Panini brand identity, to ensure the best possible presence of the brand in the various locations.

On the occasion of the event that presents the new Album Calciatori, Panini distributes to the visitors the free Album and gives the opportunity to complete the collection. An important moment is in fact the one dedicated to the exchange: the collectors can exchange the stickers both with each other and with Panini, which helps fans to finish the album by giving each of the 10 missing cards. The Tour thus physically meet children and families, creating unique moments of play and sharing: in the age of social and digital games, Panini promotes sociality in the traditional way.
With this intention the idea of the Figuriniadi, the first Italian game championship with the figurines that takes place during the Tour, is born. During the Figuriniadi the participants compete in speed competitions in filling the album, quizzes and games with the ball, living together moments of healthy fun, in perfect Panini style.

"The numbers speak of a success that, year after year, edition after edition,
made the Tour Panini an increasingly advantageous appointment for the company and increasingly awaited by all collectors ".