Michelin Check&Go

Road safety starts with tires

To spread a greater culture of road safety, Michelin, a world leader in the tire manufacturer market, with the support of Industree Communication Hub, promoted the Check&Go tour, which in 2019 crossed Italy, from north to south, in 3 different formats. In fact the initiative started in spring in the main shopping centers of the country, reaching some motorway service stations in the summer and several outlets during the autumn, with the aim of raising public awareness on the importance of tire wear for a safe driving.

A useful, free and immediate service was offered, giving the possibility to thousands of people to check the tire performance of their car simply by going through the structure designed for the occasion by Michelin, containing an innovative laser technology capable of returning a precise analysis of the tread wear of each of the 4 tires.

Furthermore, the company MyGlass, leader in the replacement and repair of car windows, and partner of the Michelin Check&Go Tour, offered all those who took the test a free rain treatment.

The Spring Tour

The project began in May 2019 through a tour of events that took place in 20 locations within the shopping centers of the major cities of Italy. During the 30-day event, realized during the spring tour, thanks also to on-site and social media communication, around 1.000 tests were performed and more than 1.500 leads were collected.

In addition to the events tour, Industree Communication Hub, in synergy with its digital unit O-One, in fact took care of an articulated communication plan to highlight and give visibility to each stage of the tour: the agency designed and built a social strategy and an ADV plan with post and video teasers to trigger curiosity about the initiative, a video presentation of the tour released on the Michelin official channels and video pills for geolocalised ADV spread on the brand's social networks. Some stages have also seen the involvement of professional Instagrammers for a real-time photographic storytelling: thanks to numerous live shots and video-testimonials, influencers have told their experience at the Check&Go Tour.

The Summer and Autumn Tour

After the success of the spring edition and the pre and post experience surveys, which showed a general appreciation of the initiative by the participants, Michelin decided to continue the tour in the summer at the Secchia Est motorway service station, offering during the 31 event days a free tire check to all those who were passing through for the summer holidays.
The Michelin Check & Go then continued in autumn within some outlets: the tour made stops in the cities of Novara and Bologna, respectively at the Vicolungo The Style Outlets and the Castel Guelfo The Style Outlets, realizing 12 event days.

Michelin Check&Go in numbers

Michelin Check&Go has rallied, among shopping centers, service stations and outlets, over 138 thousand people on field and has captured the attention and feedback on social media by 2,4 million users, generating an overall audience of over 2,5 million. The tests performed amounted to 1.500, the leads collected and the surveys realized amounted to over 2.000.