Prometeon "BePro"

Values and behavior of the company that produces and sells
Pirelli Truck, Bus, Agro and OTR tires

A project designed to create a system of behaviors shared within the work environment, establishing five main guidelines that each employee is invited to follow to work better and more effectively and achieve their personal and business goals.
Industree Communication Hub oversaw the entire international campaign through the creation of the logo, the development of an internal communication system including various tools such as totems, posters and informative folders, as well as the production of a launch video and numerous guerrilla tools .

The creativity signed by Industree has started from the sign left by Prometeon tires on different terrains: a symbol of how people's daily actions are able to leave a deep trace on the group's results. "Run for results", "Drive team exellence across functions", "Pursue Continuous Feedback", "Find another way", "Act as an entrepreneur" are the five behaviors on which the project dedicated to managers and collaborators is concentrated.

"BePro" directs the actions of the individual based on company values and allows to obtain better professional results in compliance with common guidelines. "Prometeon's Behavior for Growing Performance" is the slogan of the project dedicated to managers and employees.

Cultivate, support and improve the professionalism of employees.

From this first campaign will come the new project faced by Prometeon with the collaboration of Industree Communication Hub: the "GetPro" campaign, dedicated to the launch of the new company Performance Management system based on the constant relationship between managers and employees that goes beyond simple numerical indicators and that also includes behaviors promoted by the "BePro" project.