Pirelli Growithus

An internal development project to create value thanks to people

People as the engine of the Company: this is the heart of the Growithus project - Feed your future, designed by Pirelli for its employees and realized thanks to the collaboration with Industree Communication Hub.
The agency has supported Pirelli in the communication of internal development initiatives addressed to human resources, with the aim of promoting the development of personnel according to the principles of transparency and meritocracy, making available all the tools necessary for professional growth.

Through the internal development program Growithus - Feed your future, Pirelli wanted to focus on its people and chose Industree Communication Hub to clearly communicate the career plans and training programs available to all employees. The agency has developed the visual identity of the project inspired by the concept of growth and natural evolution of the professional path. It has created a creative synthesis to convey the goal of Pirelli to feed its people, offering them all the resources needed to improve and mature. The communication adopted three key colors to identify with everyone the scope of the Growithus initiatives - Feed your future.


The three spheres of action of the project guided the implementation by Industree Communication Hub of communication on all internal, traditional and digital channels. The agency has redesigned entire sections of the company portal creating a navigation experience that would allow you to explore the various professional opportunities, training and know the career paths for each position open in all Pirelli locations around the world. It also edited emotional videos that explain the project and how to use the various media.

Feed and accompany employees on their growth path

The proximity of Pirelli to its people, the sensitivity towards their professional goals and their satisfaction have consolidated an internal system increasingly oriented towards the values ​​of transparency and meritocracy.

Growithus - Feed your future: in Pirelli, growth starts with employees.