Pernod Ricard Italia

A distinctive identity for Corporate Social Responsibility

Pernod Ricard Italia's attention to Corporate Social Responsibility, a fundamental part of its strategic business vision, has led the company to rely on the skills of Industree Communication Hub, among the agencies with the most experience in Italy in the sector, for the realization of a rich project of S&R initiatives dedicated to employees. "Let's live together better" is the claim that the creative team of Industree has designed to enclose in a single identity all the S&R activities that the multinational, world leader of Wine & Spirits, has realized during the period 2017/2018 in order to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development goals promoted by the United Nations (SDGs).

Four Sustainable Development objectives (SDGs) have been identified, becoming protagonists of as many events (plus one dedicated to the launch of the entire project), on which Industree Communication Hub has made available its resources to develop an effective communication strategy, looking at the same time for an original creativity and taking care of the creation and production of numerous materials.

The subjects of the four events, "Cultivating the relationship with the communities", "Involving colleagues", "Promoting responsible drinking" and "Protecting the planet" were conceived identifying engagement activities aimed at involving employees and making them an active part of the project.

Industree has also supported Pernod Ricard Italia in the social field with the creation of a contest on the Instagram platform with the hashtag #PRIRESPONSIBLE. An initiative addressed to Pernod Ricard Italia staff, involved in the dissemination of the principles related to the correct consumption of alcohol, thus becoming the Ambassador of Responsible Drinking.

The CSR project, ended in June, was completed through a communication campaign summarizing the activities of the year.

To enhance the most significant content, an infographic-guide was created, useful to understand at a glance what has been done and what still needs to be done, a digital brochure, with useful information on all the events carried out, and a email addressed to all Pernod Ricard Italia employees, to thank them for their active support and strong participation in the activities.


"Let's live together better": a single identity for all the Corporate Social Responsibility activities carried out to achieve the sustainable development goals promoted by the United Nations (SDGs)