A 360 degree communication plan to increase brand awareness

MyGlass is the all-Italian network born in 2013 to offer excellence in the service of the replacement and repair of car windows.

In May 2016, MyGlass chose Industree Communication Hub with the aim of giving maximum visibility to its brand, creating awareness throughout the country and providing effective communication tools to its network of over 180 Laying Centers throughout Italy. After a careful analysis of the brand identity and the context, Industree Communication Hub and MyGlass have identified together the new communication concept, developed in an integrated plan and a series of special projects.

Central was the role of all-round strategic consultancy in the communication field carried out by the agency, with training courses aimed at a growing awareness of the most advanced tools. A series of weekly meetings allowed the business plan to be developed with continuity and great level of detail and sharing and further strengthened the relationship of trust between the company and the specialized consultants of Industree Communication Hub. This also allowed the constant monitoring of the performance obtained, based on a clear and transparent set of KPIs and objectives defined jointly during the planning phase.

Industree Communication Hub, through its digital O-One division, has created the contents to tell the world and the MyGlass services on the main social media: an engaging and exciting narration of the brand's professionalism and offer, declined with new and unconventional languages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The effective performance of listening and conversation of current and potential customers of MyGlass was accompanied by an accurate monitoring of the performances achieved.

The 360° collaboration in the communication field between Industree Communication Hub and MyGlass has had its fulcrum in the project of sponsoring the Italian basketball championship 2016/2017, through which the company has confirmed its passion for sport. In addition to ensuring the presence of the brand on all playgrounds, the project has developed over 16 sponsor days in as many Italian cities, events rendered viral through a strategic programming of the contents and social channels of MyGlass. 

Industree Communication Hub took the field alongside the company also during other important projects, such as the communication campaign of an institutional nature broadcasted by radio in the autumn of 2016. The agency supported MyGlass also during the operation with "Garanzia Cristalli" prizes, of which Industree Communication Hub took care of the communication concept, creating a spot, a press and digital campaign, also through the use of programmatic technology. The "MyGlass rewards you" contest also saw united Industree Communciation Hub and the company, allowing to increase brand visibility, generate leads and "familiarize" potential customers with the closest Posa Center.

An integrated communication project that has seen the synergies between Industree Communication Hub and MyGlass develop on different levels in order to combine the communication needs at the national level with the specificities of the Laying Centers present in the local area: from the analysis of the brand identity to the definition of a new concept and a unique style of communication, from training to the implementation of the social strategy, from institutional campaigns on media to promotional ones, to culminate in an articulated sponsorship project for the Serie A Lega Basketball