Social Strategy

Dialogue with the Moms becomes social

Medela Italy, subsidiary of the world's leading manufacturer of devices for feeding, has chosen O-One, unit specialized in digital communications of Industree Communication Hub, for its position on social media.

The project has a strategic objective to create a b2c line of communication that would bring Medela to Italian consumers of their products and the social platforms have been identified as the main instrument to respond to the needs of the brand.

Social Editorial Strategy

Through a strategy to create engagement, Facebook and Twitter Medela Italian profiles offer to mothers (and fathers ...) a community where they can share advice and dialogue with the brand for questions and assistance relating to the products.

The community is animated by fixed appointments editorial, organized format and renewed periodically call to action to support the plan of brand communication. Both editorial plan, Facebook and Twitter, to speak fan/follower base with a tone of empathy that allows the brand to position itself as a daily companion of an intimate and highly emotional as breastfeeding.


The more emotional creativity, essential for the development of a bond with the community, are flanked creativity functional information on the range of products and the valuation of other assets of the brand.

Twitter management

The editorial production is accompanied by the daily action of Twitter that Medela Management relies on O-One to effectively manage the interaction with users according to the specific platform.

The newly formed profile MedelaItalia is available to users who prefer a faster and more direct channel, ruled by the agency in line with the brand with the goal of building a relationship of trust and complicity, in which Italy is recognized as Medela dispenser of advice and good practice.

Twitter also allows the brand to build relationships with a target of actors specializing in the dissemination of issues of a scientific, useful to enhance the commitment and investment being made in research.

And finally reach users-consumers through the revival and the views of organizations and personnel such as pharmacy, midwives and breastfeeding counselors.