Maserati Winter Tour

The luxurious face of Brand Entertainment

Industree and Maserati joined forces in 2013 and 2014 to achieve this jointly held goal - a partnership which culminated in the Maserati Winter Tour.

The resulting trail of events and experiences stopped off at some of the most exclusive resorts in the Alps, perfectly demonstrating Industree’s level of intuition in innovating brand events by harnessing the power of digital entertainment and creating a pioneering brand entertainment concept to boot.

The Maserati Winter Tour was conceived with a set of goals, tactics and strategies that required Industree to devise a clear and flexible project plan in order to fully achieve. 

The exclusive entertainment which it gave shape to created the ideal conditions for attaining the Winter Tour’s critical goals: generating new contacts and content of media interest, securing bookings for test drives and laying an expansive foundation for countless potential sales. 

Four closely interlinked moments formed an interconnected chain of relationships, whose final and crucial element is embodied in the test drive experience that Maserati now offers its prospective customers.

identification with Maserati’s 
target audience 
through places, acquaintances 
and consumer habits

inviting prospective participants
to the events and initiatives 
at the heart 
of the Maserati Winter Tour 

the mutual exchange of knowledge 
and information between Maserati 
and its potential customers, 
sealed in the act of booking the test drive 

the moment in which 
the relationship chain 
is finalised, whereby the road test 
lays the ground for a potential sale


The cornerstone of this particular format was the Maserati Music Experience - three highly evocative musical events organised as part of the Winter Tour. Musicians such as Enrico Ruggeri, Saturnino and Federico Poggipollini warmed up the cold winter evenings under the Maserati banner while also generating original content.

Photos, videos and interviews disseminated through social-spreading strategies enriched the results the Tour achieved, increasing its online visibility and creating interaction and diffusion throughout the web. Alongside the classic metrics such as online and offline coverage, ratings and number of visitors, Industree added valuable insights into user interaction with the music festival’s digital content: reach, likes, views, comments and shares - strategic elements that have introduced an additional access point to Maserati-branded events.

Thanks to the Winter Tour 2014, Maserati was able to meet its target audience in moments of leisure, offering in turn a high entertainment value and receiving a participation always active and interested.

3 locations
4 months of activity
35 days Test Drive
500 Test Drive
1.200 unique contacts
350.000 reached users online
130.500 interactions generated
More than 318.000 people
achieved by our communication