A project of corporate identity and communication strategy

LFoundry has chosen the support of Industree Communication Hub in one of the most important moments of the business: the acquisition of the company by the Asian colossus Smic, global top player in the semiconductor industry.
The beginning of this new phase of company life has made it necessary a strategic intervention that saw the agency involved in the project to define the new corporate identity.

A strategic project to rethink the corporate identity

The collaboration between LFoundry and Industree Communication Hub takes the form of a strategic project that aims to rethink corporate identity.
In order to outline the new profile and share with all the stakeholders the renewed reality of LFoundry, after a preliminary analysis phase, Industree Communication Hub has defined the corporate communication statements alongside the international board. Mission, vision, values and payoffs have been adapted to the new corporate dimension, thus tracing the contours of a new global identity. The agency then redesigned LFoundry's communication by aligning itself with the new positioning.

The construction of corporate identity also involves the definition of corporate communication and its means. Working in this direction, Industree Communication Hub has analyzed the company reputation through the use of specific KPIs, able to provide concrete information that would inspire the actions to be taken to improve the presence of the online brand. Following the analysis, the agency created communication tools that synthesized the identity of LFoundry.
Moreover, thanks to the collaboration with the O-One digital unit (www.o-one.net), Industree Communication Hub has designed and developed the company website (www.lfoundry.com) taking care of User Experience and User Interface design, in order to guarantee an optimal browsing experience, consistent with user behavior and with their portal use objectives.

Thanks to the synergy with Industree Communication Hub,
LFoundry renews its personality and opens itself to a new global dimension.