Lavazza Espression
Social Strategy

Social communication for the brand
Lavazza's values throughout the world

Social communication for the brand - Lavazza's values throughout the world
Lavazza Espression called upon O-One to build a digital relationship with consumers who, in a range of locales around the world, adore the taste and typically Italian values found at the core of the Lavazza brand.

Digital relationships with consumers are maintained by producing content for social networks managed by the brand itself, coupled with careful management of user interaction in their local communities.

Global Social Strategy

Daily dialogue with consumers

O-One’s social strategy embraces the twin objectives of positioning and communication for the Lavazza Espression brand, granting the client a global view of the interactions that users and consumers establish with the brand, starting from contact at the point of sale, spanning to their use of digital mediums, and vice-versa. The media format is constantly renovated by interpreting the current trends in the coffee, food and beverage markets in a call to action that differentiates the Espression concept from competitors’ brands.

Our know-how allows Lavazza to intercept the communication opportunities arising from the continuous evolution of social platforms, while defining the contexts and metrics needed to measure the results of their activities.

Smart Seasonal Shooting

O-One supports the brand in the concept and application of a seasonal in-store photo service that represents a strategic source for the Espression brand’s visual storytelling activities.

International Coordination

Systematically defined in collaboration with Lavazza, the international coordination campaign allows the brand to monitor and capitalise on social communication initiatives being performed by the owners of local coffee shops, aimed at galvanising an effective union between global and local in the production and distribution of content.

The project’s coordination activities include the definition of an annual work plan involving local contractors in the brand’s communication objectives and providing them with a specific platform on which they can intervene, together with offering training support and useful strategies to promote their autonomous operation in line with Lavazza's global social strategy. O-One prepares and regularly provides all the international representatives with up to date guidelines for in-store storytelling materials and oversees promotional publishing and advertising, ensuring brand consistency in regional initiatives while giving local points of sale the functional know-how to do business successfully.

Strategic and operational management guideline
for 52 coffee shops around the world. 
Supervision of promotional activities and Facebook advertising 
in Brazil, Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.