Social Strategy

Inspiration and engagement
for storytelling design

Kartell has selected O-One to structure its presence and its relationships on digital media. Since 2010, our team has been working with the leading designer to perfect an effective and engaging strategy.

Our strategic vision works through a constant process of balancing current trends specific to each medium with the marketing and communication objectives defined by the company, in order to obtain consistent output able to exist in perfect harmony with the digital environments that have been identified. Monitoring each channel also allows Kartell to integrate strong social action within multimedia campaigns both on and offline.

Social Media Competition: Louis Ghost & Me

A social media competition designed to complement the activities surrounding the tenth anniversary celebrations of the Kartell brand's most regal chair, the Louis Ghost.

The creative concept of Louis Ghost Around the World, defined by the brand in collaboration with Case da Abitare, has been made interactive by O-One through an invitation to all fans of the iconic chair to create a postcard with their very own Louis Ghost, then to witness its spread around the world.

1 month social media competition
3 Louis Ghost chairs autographed by Philippe Starck
3 winners
Over 300 postcards created

A credit to You

The ultimate aim of the social strategy is to involve all Kartell lovers.
Constant activation of user experience is the basis of the format entitled A Credit to You,
which recognises and elevates the inspirations of its users by integrating contributions from the most prestigious online interior design publications into the editorial campaign.

Digital PR

The content production and management of relationships on social networks is accompanied by a structured digital PR campaign. Defined and managed in conjunction with Kartell's press office, the campaign aims to develop a lifelong relationship with online influencers.

O-One's know-how enables Kartell to keep a constantly mutating scenario in focus. As well as online publications and blogs, mediums such as Instagram and Pinterest are vital promotional components - elective platforms for a whole new generation of influencers who exploit the pervasiveness of fast updates to dictate social trends and guide the choices of thousands of consumers.

The Milan Furniture Fair

The Milan Furniture Fair represents a special opportunity for communication and is the fulcrum of the whole Kartell brand communication strategy.

Milan Design Week is the perfect moment for bringing together all aspects of Kartell's global strategy: multimedia storytelling via social networks, live blogging from the events and digital PR international digital PR intricately express this campaign which places Kartell as a consistent player among the design excellence showcased by the Milan Furniture Fair each year.

3 editions produced in collaboration with the brand
3 events covered by live blogging during off circuit activities
5 social mediums involved in the multimedia storytelling strategy
1,000 social updates
1,500 images
30 videos
250,000 social interactions generated