ING Italia

An Internal Communication project to describe
the new global approach to performance management

The continuous improvement and the attention towards the internal organization processes have always characterized ING Italia: the leading online bank at international level. In 2016, ING Italia turned to Industree Communication Hub. The company has in fact developed a new global approach to performance management aimed at constant and real-time improvement of results: a permanent process of collecting feedback, but also more informal, engaging and stimulating than in the past. The new performance management system, called STEP UP, is characterized by four elements: Job Evaluation, Orange Code, Stretch Ambition and Continuous Feedback.

Industree Communication Hub has designed a campaign to better communicate these four pillars of the performance management system, creating creativity and support to bring employees closer to the new philosophy with the aim of motivating, guiding and involving them. Industree Communication Hub has chosen to propose as a metaphor that of the world of sport, corporate training as sports training, creating a parallel with the activities of improvement and continuous assessment of athletes, constantly subject to training, tests and competitions.

The campaign was divided into a teaser phase and a later phase of project launch. The first part was therefore intended to announce to the ING Italia staff the launch of the new global approach to performance management: the Intranet area, e-mails and set-ups were personalized with the creativity of the STEP UP project. It followed the actual launch in which each of the four elements and phases of the project was deepened, told with specific tools and associated with a gadget, also personalized, which was distributed to each employee: a pack of sweets, chocolates and an orange drink to represent the aspects of the program and their function as a key to personal and professional success of the employees. The company materials, such as posters, banners and slideshows inside the monitors have been declined with the STEP UP images and used as internal communication tools.

Accompany employees in the path of corporate growth, involve them in the processes of internal change and constantly motivate them to achieve personal goals: three winning elements that make ING a bank careful and close to employees to create a stimulating and innovative work environment.