Vodafone Italia
sustainability to measure
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A multi-channel editorial project
in favor of stakeholder engagement

In the course of a long-term multi-year collaboration with Vodafone Italia and its Foundation, we have been involved in a transformation that has seen documents such as the company's Sustainability Report and the Foundation's Mission Report, evolving from reporting tools to tools through which express concretely the value and the sustainability strategy.

A transformation that did not concern only the contents but also and above all the language.

The awareness, in fact, that technology and innovation can and must be at the service of the community and the will to involve and bring all the stakeholders together, have been a guide along our project path. Therefore it is no longer a paper-only budget, but a multiplatform Budget, usable and adapted also for devices such as smartphones and tablets for a multi-stakeholder approach.

Another dominant feature of this design evolution was the active involvement of the non-profit world: some associations reported and selected by the Vodafone Italia Foundation were involved through our coordination in the activation of creative workshops in the area that contributed to giving the publications a deeper understanding reading and an all-encompassing view of the activities and projects reported.

This is how the Participated Production format was born.

The 2013 edition

From the juvenile detention center of Nisida to an editorial project of
causes related marketing

The 2013 edition of Financial statements was born from the collaboration with the Penal Institute for Minors
of Nisida.

First week

During the first week a photography and video lab was created by Imagine Factory, a non-profit organization specialized in the activation of multimedia laboratories. Every day the guys from Nisida learned the basic techniques, they experimented with the rudiments of editing, they became protagonists and directors of photographic images and videos that flowed into the Financial statements pages both for the paper and digital versions.

Second week

During the second week a writing workshop was set up in collaboration with Scuola Holden, the creative writing school founded in Turin by Alessandro Baricco. It was reflected with the Nisida boys on the meaning and significance of some words - meeting and diversity, future and responsibility, territory and work, technology and dialogue, trust - basic concepts linked to contemporary reality, strong growth junctions for the individual and for the country. Along with Scuola Holden, some of the characters from the world of literature and art have also facilitated: directors, writers, screenwriters and musicians.

Each of them was invited to reason with the children on the proposed themes and to bring their own experience as an artist and as a person struggling with an increasingly complex world.
The outcome of these workshops has given rise to colors and emotions that have enriched the pages of the Financial statements of Vodafone Italia Foundation. And above all, he gave a face to "Il diary of Nisida: Words and Images", a book that was published thanks to the partnership with ilmiolibro.it.
The proceeds from the online sale of the volume will be donated to training activities in the Nisida prison.

The 2012 edition

The Sustainability Report at your app

A true multiplatform publishing project that led to the creation and declension of the two financial statements, not only on paper and digital media but also on mobile devices.

Also for this edition among the protagonists of the project two non-profit realities, Imagine Factory and Arteteca, respectively in Milan and Naples, that have accompanied and supported us in the realization of the iconographic and video apparatus of the project through video-photographic laboratories and street laboratories art contextualised in an urban redevelopment project.

The Sustainability Report
becomes an opportunity for
activate projects
on the territory and tend
reach out the community.