A Life of Possibilities

Facing change: the new face of Gedeon Richter Italy

At a time of strong evolution in the healthcare sector, the Italian branch of the multinational pharmaceutical company, with products distributed in over 100 countries around the world and with approximately 12,000 employees globally, has relied on Industree Communication Hub as a strategic communication partner, with the aim of defining the new Gedeon Richter Italia’s face and creating new communication tools to face, all of this with a greater employee involvement through targeted internal branding activities, the change in a more proactive and effective way and seize all the opportunities that the market offers.

The "A Life of Possibilities" campaign communicates the new position of the pharmaceutical company on the Italian market: the promise that Gedeon Richter Italia makes to patients and the healthcare sector. For women it represents the possibility of living fully and consciously, the possibility of getting information in an adequate and exhaustive way, the possibility of feeling in good hands. For doctors, pharmacists and pharmaceutical sales representatives, it is the opportunity to rely on a serious partner in order to offer their patients cutting-edge and effective solutions and new "possibilities" at/in every stage of their lives.

The values ​​expressed in the campaign emerged following an assessment carried out within the company in order to identify communication objectives and a new positioning of the Italian reality, which celebrates 10 years of activity in our country in 2021.

The new position, focused on women's health and well-being, was communicated through the new communication tools, designed and implemented in collaboration with Industree Communication Hub and its digital unit O-One. The first tool implemented is the new “Voices” newsletter, which immediately proved to be a valid tool for sharing, dialogue and employee engagement.

The Gedeon Richter’s goal is in fact to make its collaborators participate in the great changes that are affecting the healthcare sector and the company itself which reacted promptly in the Covid-19 emergency by adopting a new hybrid business model, combining the consolidated face-to-face working methodology with the remote modality through the most innovative tools that technology makes available.

The ability to adapt to changes and resilience are the Gedeon Richter’s core values ​​to make a difference in a constantly evolving market.

The new intranet was born under the banner of a contest launched within the company in order to define its name. Gedeon Richter’s Italian employees have chosen GRace, which blends the acronym of Gedeon Richter with the last letters of the word "space" and embodies the meaning of the new tool designed for the people who work in the company: a space to participate in and to share everything that happens in the company with news, updates, services and useful information.

The Intranet was created by the O-One division, which has developed a customized project based on the company’s needs, with the aim of creating a place where people can communicate easily and efficiently organize individual operations, promoting collaboration and social aggregation.

The creation of the newsletter and the intranet was the first step in the process of building the corporate identity, thanks to the ability of the two tools that stimulate a sense of belonging, encourage team building and all employees to achieve certain objectives, in medium and long term.

https://gedeonrichter.it/ presents the company’s history, activities, strategies and values, with a reserved area for doctors and pharmacists in order to have access to all the information and documents dedicated to the company's product lines.

The website represents the first channel to communicate the new Gedeon Richter’s face on the market and increase the brand awareness: an ideal business card to present yourself outside, taking advantage of the editorial opportunities offered by the tool.

The “A life of possibilities” 's visual campaign offers words that speak about possibilities and women’s faces in different situations and stages of life, testifying to those who have been able to change their point of view about the disease by opening up new possibilities.

Among the new features of the site, there are pages dedicated to sustainability and to the initiatives carried out in favor of women in difficulty, such as the contest "Sorrido con il Cuore", to which the pharmaceutical company joined with the media relations activities of the PR staff of Industree Communication Hub’s support.

To strengthen positioning and to increase the brand reputation and awareness, the agency supports Gedeon Richter Italia’s marketing staff in managing the LinkedIn profile through the creation of a dedicated editorial plan: by exploiting the social network’s potential, the intent is to tell about identity, new product, awards and projects addressed to doctors, pharmacists and patients, enhancing the channel’s potential also in terms of employer branding. Employees and collaborators become the protagonists of the video interviews and shootings, transforming themselves into Gedeon Richter's values ambassadors.