Our commitment for a changing country

Estra, one of the main operators in the energy sector at the national level, has confirmed for the second year the collaboration with Industree Change to which it has entrusted the task of creating a new integrated and multi-channel communication project dedicated to sustainability. In the last edition of the Sustainability Report, the company, with the introduction of the concept of #presentesostenibile (#sustainablepresent), wanted to put the spotlight on the importance of being present and close, widespread on the territory. In fact, the health emergency we are experiencing has led us all - as individuals, families, companies, associations, communities - to question ourselves on the deeper meaning of "closeness". A value that has taken on new importance as never before, becoming almost a need that until yesterday seemed unexplored.

Continuing along this line, this year Estra has set itself the objective of working in continuity to explore more deeply the real meaning of "being close" to the community and the territories in which it operates. For the new edition of the Report, the Group has in fact taken a step forward by giving a new nuance to the concept of "Present, Sustainable", reinterpreting it in a choral key: the hashtag #presentesustainable not only accompanies all communications related to the 2020 Report, but also represents the choice to talk about evolution and awareness in the first person of the active role that each individual plays in this commitment.

An active presence alongside people, communities and companies

If last year Estra "flew over" the territories of Central Italy that have marked its path towards sustainability, this year the company has decided to get closer, entering on tiptoe into the everyday life of this present, made by the people who really know and live those places. It is their gestures, their faces and their stories that metaphorically accompany Estra on this journey.

At a time in history when it is physically difficult to stay close, the objective proposed for this Sustainability Report is to provide a sincere point of view that has all the flavor of a reportage. The idea is to show small, authentically Italian realities, through images of situations, places and daily activities. Because from every letter, every figure, written and reported in black and white in the pages of the Report, the image of a changing reality, changing needs, changing requirements shines through.

Therefore, in line with what was done last year, Industree Change presented the contents related to performance and sustainability objectives through a variety of communication tools to reach the different stakeholders.

Starting from the main reporting document, the Sustainability Report, to the institutional website, from the video Summary published on the dedicated website and YouTube channel of Estra to the flyers for customers, from the 30" and 60" radio spot to the ADV pages for local newspapers. A multi-channel strategy that aims to tell the Company's commitment to be present when everything changes. Even the graphic imprint given to the publication revolves around the importance given to photographic images accompanied by a recurring but discreet graphic symbol that indicates Estra's ability to be there, in an appropriate way, to actively contribute to the development of a country that knows how to change.

In continuity with the past edition, the video presents the main goals achieved by Estra in 2020 through the creation of shared value and the involvement of all stakeholders: it is the story of a company that is committed to leaving its mark and making its contribution to the sustainable development of the country.