Involvement and storytelling to promote the culture of well-being

Iconic brand that transmits values ​​and sense of belonging, Barilla has always been a symbol of the tricolor kitchen in the world and a pioneer in the research and promotion of Italian gastronomic culture.

This year even more, with a series of activities dedicated to pasta, crowned by a contest for employees.

To celebrate the product at the base of their identity, Barilla has chosen to involve their people, that they may know more and better the potential of the product that has made the company famous worldwide, appreciating the properties and good habits associated with it, in order to create a culture of greater well-being in good food, in line with the principles of the Company. 

This led to the contest "Pasta is ...", based on the fundamental values ​​of their pasta, in which all employees were asked to measure and compare, create awareness and engagement with respect to the paste, with the aim of enhancing the versatility of this extraordinary product.

Industree Communication Hub has made the mechanics of the contest, designed - in collaboration with O-One (the digital division of the Group) - the website and oversaw the digital communication, to clearly convey the messages of Barilla pasta and make people feel all employees, anywhere in the world, part of the project.

The starting point of the initiative was represented by "Five reasons to eat pasta": a list drawn up by Barilla in collaboration with renowned nutritionists supporters of the Mediterranean Diet. These are reasons, told in a leaflet distributed to employees, invite consumer of pasta, refuting the objections that may arise from those who offer different diets in vogue at this time.

The competition is part of a larger program aimed to propose an offer of quality and nutritionally balanced and promote information activities on nutrition education and healthy lifestyles. In this context, promote accountability, commitment and employee awareness is the first step. The increasingly widespread dissemination of pasta, in fact, passes first through people Barilla, asked to be ambassadors of identity, values ​​and culture of the food business.