Autostrade per l'Italia

A People Caring project
to illustrate welfare initiatives dedicated to employees

Industree Communication Hub took care of the concept, the naming, the logo and the coordinated image of "We//fare", the editorial project of Autostrade per l'Italia which illustrates the services and initiatives dedicated to the Group's employees. A practical and easy-to-use support to better manage work and private life.

The attention to people that has always characterized the Group has led Autostrade per l'Italia to develop, over the years, a well-structured model of corporate welfare dedicated to its employees and their families.

A journey in the corporate welfare of Autostrade per l'Italia

With the support of Industree Communication Hub, Autostrade per l'Italia's working group has rationalized and reorganized initiatives and services aimed at the company population, enclosing them in a tool distributed to all employees in Italy: a booklet entitled "We//fare, welfare for our people ". With the extensive guidelines, the intranet portal reserved for employees was also revised in order to create a virtuous circle of information that is always efficient and always up-to-date.

This is how an easy, immediate and efficient consultation tool was created, bound in a practical ring format, specifically designed to be easily updated in view of the creation of new initiatives.

The contents have been divided into four sections - each one identified by a guiding concept and a characterizing color to make it even easier to find useful information - and each service is characterized by a tailor-made characterizing icon.

A People Caring project that saw Industree Communication Hub working on several fronts: from the development of the project concept to the naming and the logo, which recalls the idea of corporate wellnes but also of the "culture of doing", from the creation of coordinated image, with original and easy to read icons, to the restyling of the Autostrade per l'Italia intranet dedicated to corporate welfare services.