Brand Entertainment

From Brand Events to Entertainment Format

Industree has innovated the concept of the brand event, giving life to a relationship marketing platform that enables a fully engaging consumer experience which is both exciting and rewarding.

By integrating traditional elements of brand events with socially oriented editorial planning, we are able to produce and distribute exclusive content destined for digital channels - photos, videos and interviews which when disseminated through social-spreading strategies enrich tan event’s results, increasing its online visibility and creating user interaction and circulation on the web.

Brand content

Narrating Brand Values

Industree Brand Entertainment is a proposal from Industree Communication Hub which integrates our skills in event planning and organisation of brand events with an ability to transform the results into branded digital content, orienting it to create user involvement, particularly on social platforms.

Photos, videos, interviews and testimonies. A response to the growing need for brands to communicate through storytelling by encouraging viral and participatory sharing. Targeted social spreading strategies enrich the results of an event, increasing its online visibility by creating user interaction and circulation on the web. 

In addition, the traditional metrics (number of visitors, ratings and online and offline coverage) are complemented by insights into user interaction with the digital content relative to the event: reach, likes, views, comments and shares.

Events are understood not only as opportunities, but as real experiences.


  • Celebrations
  • Conventions
  • Events
  • Field communication
  • Guerrilla
  • Roadshow


  • Contests
  • CRM
  • In store promotions
  • Loyalty programs
  • Promotional events


  • Database building
  • Live social updating
  • Monitoring, measuring & reporting


  • Public relations
  • Social media & community management


  • Multimedia campaign